Visitors List & Comments
  Wild Desert Resort  
  An Adventure on sand dunes and same. get a feel of shifting sand dunes Capturing the spirit of Sand Dunes and ensuring the perfect Dunes experience at Wild desert resort, a unique Sam Dunes Resort and Camp.  

Visitors List & Comments
With many thanks to Brig. Rathore and his family for a most enjoyable seven-week stay. I have learned a lot about Indian culture and have enjoyed the family atmosphere. I hope to come again on my next visit to Bikaner.
Rick Landon, C/o Mott Mac Donald,
Demeter House, Station Road, Cambridge, UK

Thank you very much for a pleasant stay, I was made to feel very much at home.
Anthony Ycbelcher, United Kingdom

We had a very pleasant stay and some very interesting discussions with the Brigadier. Dining felt a little colonial in the beautifull upstairs room. The food was great. We will highly recommend this place to any one.
Antoine Pekel, Switzerland

The food is spectacular and the family very personal attention not found in other hotels.

Thomas Wavelet, USA

A clean and peaceful place.......where you found comfort and some form of "spirituality" that we europeans look for when we travel in India....
Aldo Sestieri, Rome

We enjoyed too very much.......and am sorry to arrive at 2 am food was excellent........

David Belen Gispert, Spain
Home is where heart is and my heart is in SHRI RAM HERITAGE. Thousands and thousands thanks.

Surender S Verma, Bombay
(Asst. Director J.P. Dutta Films)

........would have liked to stay much longer....... someday we hope to come back and stay for a longer time.
Morter Hatlem & Ruth, Oslo

Here everything was good excepting the food, which was better. Thanks a lot.
F.Rabbi, Wef, New Delhi

We are very happy that we found this hotel even though it's not in the "Lovely planet....." We enjoyed the great hospitality and the excellent food. Thank you for every thing.
Mette Osterberg & Gert Muntsverg
Ott Rudsgade 40, 8200 Arhusn Denmark

Own home visit can be expressed in words.
Mr.Prakash / Mr. V.K. Mhartre,
Sai Travels & Tours, Changoli,
New Mumbai-400 701.

To meet such frie ndly local people and eat excellent home made indian food has been such a treat! (especially after Delhi) mark you.
Soupine Wills / Alison Powel, England

We too feel privileged to stay with such a hospitable family. We felt "at home" in a different culture & enjoyed the company, the food and the accommodation. Thank you indeed for your welcome.

Renate and John Burgeff,
23 Adl Laide St., South Hobart,
Tasmania - Australia

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