Wasi center
  Wild Desert Resort  
  An Adventure on sand dunes and same. get a feel of shifting sand dunes Capturing the spirit of Sand Dunes and ensuring the perfect Dunes experience at Wild desert resort, a unique Sam Dunes Resort and Camp.  

Wasi center
Wasi Center is our Eco house and us are waiting for you and you have the opportunity to live in Peru with a local family ,learn Spanish and the Peruvian Culture living with us , during the meat , we eat together and explaing you about Peru, History , Traditions and foods. You can choose to stay in Mancora live with a Peruvian family and experience the way they live during your stay here. We highly recommend a family stay above a stay in a hostel or hotel, because in this way you pick up the every day vocabulary more easily. You are encouraged to communicate in Spanish, The family can also take you to different places you normally wouldn’t go .

Integration Cultural, transmitir la historia, cultura y tradiones de nuestro querido Peru en un ambiente familiar , ser dignos representantes del Peru y conocer muchas otras culturas. Brindar la experiencia de un turismo vivencial e interconectar a los estudiantes con otras familias en el Peru y el mundo.

Our vission is to be a Center for to give to the tourist a real experience of vivencial tourism, of Peruvian culture and immersion, teaching spanish, salsa and more.

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