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India to Goa
Day 1 : Warsaw - Delhi

(Collection of at least 2 hours. Before departure) participants at the airport them.Chopin in Warsaw in the departure lounge at check Emirates Air flight to Dubai.

Day 2 : Delhi

Arrival in Delhi in the morning, a traditional Indian welcome and transfer to the hotel in Delhi, after a short rest, afternoon tour of the capital of India: Radzpath (ceremonial royal road), Rasztrpati Bhawan (former residence of the Viceroy of England, now the presidential palace), Sansad Bhawan (Parliament India - from the outside), and the Gateway of India (India Gate, Dinner and overnight stay in Delhi.

Day 3 : Delhi

After breakfast, visit the Birla Temple, Gurudwara see - Sikh temple sikhiskiej participation in worship, visiting the most magnificent hiduistyczna popludniu Akshardham temple and house in Delhi Indira Gandhi.nocleg.

Day 4 : Mathura

Drive (2 hrs.) To Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna, one of the most important gods of India. We will visit the temple, where said to have survived the prison cell, where 3500 years ago, the god Krishna was born. Sail boat holy river Yamuna, take a look at polozonemu on its banks ghatowi Wisram. We will also see the Tower of Sati, commemorating sati, or self-immolation of a widow after the death of her husband Behari Mai. Drive to Agra (3 hrs.). Dinner and overnight stay in Agra.

Day 5 : Agra

Visit the mausoleum Taj Mahal, considered one of the seven new wonders of the world. Taj Mahal temple complex of white marble, built in the seventeenth century. By Emperor Shah Dzahana Mughal dynasty as a monument and tomb of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.Zwiedzimy Lal Kila (Red Fort), with his most impressive part - the famous Peacock Throne. then emporium marble handicrafts and art modeled on the Pietra Dura mosaics, drive to Jaipur (5 hrs.) and refined szlifirniami jewelery with precious and semi-precious stones, drive to Jaipur, overnight at the hotel in Jaipur.

Day 6 : Agra - Jaipur

Miatsto surrounded by walls and inside the walls is a 400-year-old astrological observatory, one of the most beautiful and largest in the world. Her beauty captivates Hawa Mahal - Palace of Winds (visiting from outside), decorated with countless windows, behind which women in the royal harem closed were observed everyday life. Ring in the New Year 2015, accommodation in Jaipur.

Day 7 : Jaipur

In the afternoon, the palace complex zagoscimy City Palace, where the present Maharaja Jajpuru lives. We will visit the Amber fort, Rajasthani architectural gem, built on an inaccessible hill. At the top of the climb on the backs of the royal elephants. Then free time. Stay in Jaipur finish visits to loom (Jaipur is famous for its textile produkcjiwspanialych) welcome to the new year, accommodation in Jaipur.

Day 8 : Jaipur

Popludniu drive to the temple monkeys Galtaji, albert hall shooting from the outside, in the evening to participate in Hindu devotion in the beautiful siwatyni Vishnu, back to the hotel dinner and integration of the pool, accommodation in Jaipur.

Day 9 : Jaipur - Bombay

Morning transfer to the airport flight to Mumbai, tour historic train Bombay (UNESCO), the Gateway of India (India Gate) and the view of the unusual kind Taj Mahal hotel, where the action takes place in the famous novel by Pascal Bruckner pariahs in the evening - a walk through Colaba Causeway, ride in horse carriages through the famous promenade '' Necklace Queen 'dinner, accommodation in Mumbai.

Day 10 : Island Elefenta (UNESCO)

Drive through the elegant district of Malabar Hill and parsyjskich towers milczenia.przeplyniecie cruise to Elephanta Island, off the coast of Mumbai, are carved into the rock cliffs and dedicated to the god Shiva temples from the sixth century (UNESCO). These are masterpieces of sculpture found in temples. The island was renamed to its current name due to the Portuguese standing here before the statue of an elephant.Temples represent the rebirth of Brahmanism. For the finest work of Elephanty passes three-headed giant statue Siwy- Mahesamurti. Three faces express three different aspects of Shiva, coming back to Mumbai, dinner and transfer to the station, night train ride conditioned berth to Goa.

Day 11 : Goa

Transfer to Goa, in the afternoon transfer to the hotel, accommodation. Relax and unwind on the beach, accommodation in Goa.

Day 12 : Goa

Relax and unwind on the beach, accommodation in Goa.

Day 13 : Goa

Relax and unwind on the beach, accommodation in Goa.

Day 14 : Goa

Rest the rest .... Last chance to throw off the remnants of stress in the tropical scenery. Water frolics, swimming, making up shortfalls in tan or tanning in the store, and then explore the capital of the state of Goa, Panadzi; Fontainhas atmosphere more Portuguese than Indian, Chapel St. Francis, where his relics are przechowiwane (St. Francis Xavier is considered the greatest missionary of the world. 6 May 1542. Arrived in Goa, the Portuguese colonies in India. With the help of St. Ignatius in Goa seminar opened higher, spiritual, to have a new supply priests from the local population) .Star Goa - the first European colony in India and last lost in the hands of the Portuguese from 1510 to 1961.wieczorem dinner, transfer to the airport, przlelot to Mumbai domestic airport, airport transfers between national.

Day 15 : Warsaw

Flight to Polish popoldniu. Then proud to present a tan before livid with anger and cold wopistami, mixing a cheering crowd eager for gifts relatives and friends. Back at home the statue Ganeshi pielesze in hand

Note : the program is a framework, which is not the order of the objects and sightseeing and accommodation in the cities can be changed !!!

Price :

I - rata- 4300 PLN / with the notification
II - installment-4800 PLN / 2 miesjacy before departure
III - installment-1200 USD (wplatne in India)

The price includes

1. Flight to Warsaw-Delhi; Bombay-Warsaw.
2. Internal flights Jaipur - Bombay; Goa-Bombay
3. Communications-new coach of Western brands of air conditioning
4. airport charges
5. Indian visa
6. Accommodation in hotels 4 stars, air conditioning, swimming pool, double rooms with private bathroom. (Surcharge for number one) in Goa hotel is not far distances to the beach.
7. Breakfast, dinner (buffet of Indian and European dishes), a light meal during the day for sightseeing.
8. Alcoholic beverages and alcohol free (beer, whiskey, rum, gin) bezograniczen from the bar on the bus
9. Organization of integration evenings at the hotel.
10. Tickets to tourist sites visited
11. Rickshaw ride through the picturesque streets of Jaipur
12. The entrance to the royal elephant to the fortress of Amber
13. Licensed local guides in all the historical buildings.
14. language-speaking pilot-care supervisor and licensed local guides in all the historical buildings.
15. fee for the camera
16. Health insurance (100,000 ) and accident insurance in accordance with the general conditions of insurance.

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