India Mharajas
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India Mharajas
India Maharajas -14 days, tour program

This greeting will welcome you Indian tour operator representatives Exotic Travel at the airport in New Delhi, and so begins a journey through the magical India - a country of mysteries, the land of many faces. We visit

Delhi - Mathura - Agra - Jaipur - Jodhpur-Bikaner Pushkar - Sekhawati (Mandawa) - Delhi.

Day 1:

Warsaw - Delhi - Agra ( Collection of minimum 1.45 pm. before departure ) participants at the airport them. Chopin in Warsaw in the departure lounge at the check-Turkish airlines fly to Delhi in the evening, a traditional Indian welcome and drive to Agra (approx. 5 hrs.). Hotel accommodation in Agra (earlier accommodation Mair's availability of rooms), rest.

Day 2:

Agra - Mathura In the afternoon drive (1.5 hrs.) to Mathura, the birthplace of Krishna, one of the most important gods of India. We will visit the temple, where said to have survived the prison cell, where 3500 years ago, the god Krishna was born. Sail boat holy river Yamuna, take a look at polozonemu on its banks ghatowi Wisram. We will also see the Tower of Sati, commemorating sati, or self-immolation of a widow after the death of her husband Behari Mai. Drive to Agra (1.5 hrs.), Relax by the pool. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3:

Agra Early morning visit Taj Mahal mausoleum, considered one of the seven new wonders of the world. Taj Mahal temple complex of white marble, built in the seventeenth century. By Emperor Shah Dzahana Mughal dynasty as a monument and tomb of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Back to the hotel, breakfast, free time. Then visit the Lal Kila (Red Fort), with his most impressive part - the famous Peacock Throne. We also visit a carpet shop (Agra is famous for its hand-woven carpets with silk and cashmere, in India they are much cheaper than in Poland), then shop marble handicrafts and art emporium modeled on the mosaics Pietra Dura.oraz Jewelry with stones szlifirniami precious and semiprecious Back to the hotel, free time, dinner and overnight stay in Agra. After dinner, the integration of the pool.

Day 4:

Agra - Jaipur After breakfast drive to Jaipur (4-5 hrs.), one of the most beautiful Indian cities.Due to the color of buildings Jaipur is called the Pink City. The old town is surrounded by a 6-meter high wall with many majestic gates, hotel accommodation. Dinner with puppet theater show, overnight.

Day 5:

Jaipur After breakfast, sightseeing of Jaipur-miatsto surrounded by walls and inside the walls is a 400-year-old astrological observatory, one of the most beautiful and largest in the world. Her beauty captivates Hawa Mahal - Palace of Winds (visiting from outside), decorated with countless windows, behind which women in the royal harem closed were observed everyday life. Dinner, relax by the pool, overnight.

Day 6:

Jaipur - the morning zagoscimy the City Palace, the palace complex where he lives the present Maharaja Jajpuru. We will visit the Amber fort, Rajasthani architectural gem, built on an inaccessible hill.At the top of the climb on the backs of the royal elephants. Then free time. Stay in Jaipur finish visits to loom (Jaipur is famous for its fine fabrics) overnight.

Day 7:

Pushkar - Breakfast. Check out. Transfer to PUSZKARU, a small town on the lake of the same name, one of the holiest cities in India. The city has approx. 500 temples, the most famous of which is dedicated to Brahma. Every year hundreds of thousands of Puszkaru pilgrims come to take a ritual cleansing bath in the holy lake. There's a special atmosphere, the life of the city takes place mainly around the ghats, temples and bazaars. The city is also the largest and most famous camel market in Asia. Transfer to hotel accommodation. Walk around the town and the surrounding area of Lake Pushkar.Opportunity to observe religious rituals. The possibility of watching the evening prayer in one of the local churches. Back to the hotel and overnight.

Day 8:

Jodhpur - eviction. Transfer to Dzodhpuru, the Blue City, an oasis on the edge of the Thar Desert, the second largest city of Rajasthan. The city boasts one of the most spectacular views in the whole of Rajasthan. The city is dominated Mehrengarh impressive fortress, at whose feet winds bustling maze of streets and bazaars. Hotel accommodation, overnight.

Day 9:

Bikaner After breakfast drive to Bikaner, (4-5 hrs.). Along the way we will visit the temple of Mata, one of the most disturbing, yet fascinating temples in India. A visit to Mata is a task for the fainthearted, as a temple for centuries inhabited by hundreds of holy rats. Accommodation in a hotel in Bikaner, rest, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 10:

Bikaner also visit the sixteenth - century, multi-colored and has a huge temple dzinnijska Junagarh fort. Leisure, rest. In the afternoon we visit the only research institute in Asia involved in breeding camels (camel research center). Transfer by bus to the village of Thar desert, where we will know the life of the villagers. Then a great attraction - a camel safari in the desert, music and dances, the evening sitting in a completely unique scenery. Back to the hotel, dinner and evening of Indian, organized specially for our group. (If the weather permits it is possible elegant accommodation in tents in the Thar desert) Overnight at Bikaner.

Day 11:

Bikaner - Sekhawati (Mandawa) After breakfast, walk and ride in carriages through the narrow streets of the old city of Bikaner. We'll see Haveli - impressive houses built of sandstone in the eighteenth century by wealthy merchants. Transfer to pólpustynnego, historic region Sekhawati, (4 hrs.) Overnight in Sekhawati.

Day 12:

Mandawa - Delhi After breakfast, free time until noon, later visit the small town Mandawa, known as "radzastanska gallery under the open sky". Mandawa was once an important trading center, located on the Silk Road, but after the opening of the port of Mumbai has lost its previous importance.Still remained in Mandawie decorated with magnificent murals Haveli residences that will be able to enjoy the drive to Delhi, accommodation in Delhi.

Day 13:

Delhi In the afternoon visit to the capital of India: Radzpath (ceremonial royal road), Rasztrpati Bhawan (former residence of the Viceroy of England, now the presidential palace), Sansad Bhawan (Parliament of India - from the outside), and the Gateway of India (India Gate). We also visit the Birla temple, the place of cremation of Mahatma Gandhi, and located next to the Mausoleum of Gandhi. We'll see Gurudwara - Sikh temple, as well as the Jama Maszid - the largest mosque in India. Dinner and late by shuttle to the airport.

Day 14:

Delhi - Warsaw Arrival in Polish in the afternoon. Then, giving gifts, endless stories about the mysterious, exotic land, supported by photographs, slides, videos ... and planning the next trip to the homeland of gods and tigers.

Note- program is a framework some of the objects and the order of touring is subject to change.

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